Why is there no motorcycle news on the website?

Every day, there is motorcycle news to be found. New models, or new accessories, motorsport news, and so on. How do you determine what to share and what not to share? And how do you ensure that it’s all fresh and new? For this reason, we have decided not to include motorcycle news on the current website. This way, we keep the articles here our own, in the atmosphere that is suitable for the website.
Fortunately, there are plenty of other (web) sources for all motorcycle news. 

What is the difference between a review and a multi-day article as Meifesto uses?

A review will follow once we have ridden the motorcycle for a longer period. At least a day, sometimes a few days. Motorcycles that we ride during events and can then truly experience for an entire separate day will also receive a review. There will be no review if we have only ridden the motorcycle for an hour, as we believe this is insufficient time to learn about the motorcycle.
We have some motorcycles at home for several days in a row. Then a multi-day or week-long test review follows. These can delve deeper into the details, looking at refueling and/or charging, and how, for example, commuting is experienced. For the website, we only use the review and multi-day models, with a preference for multi-day experiences.

What is Meifesto’s experience on these topics?

Meifesto, as a motorcycle content creator, has been active since 2012. In 2015 Meifesto attended a demo day for the electric Zero motorcycles. Followed in 2016 by test days featuring Mash and SWM. Thesee events were the first days where motorcycles were truly tested. Soon after, more demo days followed, both single-day and multi-day events. Almost all of these motorcycle reviews are still available on YouTube, either in English or Dutch. In 2022, Meifesto also completed a Journalism course to support the written part. Prior to this, Meifesto had already written a multitude of articles as a guest editor for colleagues.

Is there a fixed upload period for articles?

Since we depend on new models in the market and dealers/suppliers where we can review them, there is no fixed upload schedule. We will strive to post new articles monthly. This may vary between motorcycle reviews, Riding Gear or product reviews. Something for everyone. Depending on future developments, this may become more frequently.
The website itself will be checked at least weekly.

The brand/model I am curious about is not on the website?

It is impossible to test every new motorcycle, especially with a long-term test. At the moment, is a sole proprietorship company, which limits time and options. We try to test as much as possible, but there are limitations regarding time, expenses, and dealers willing to provide motorcycles.

However, if you would like to see a brand/model that you are missing, you are welcome to let us know via the contact page. Your input is highly appreciated. 

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