Losail Evo Laarzen van Bogotto (2023)

The brand Bogotto may not be familiar to everyone, but the products they deliver are often very competitively priced. Bogotto claims to offer high-quality motorcycle clothing at a good price and has been passionately dedicated to this mission since 2006. After using the Losail Evo’s for over two years, let’s see if the price-to-quality ratio is worth it. The Losail Evo is not perfect, but is it a good set of sporty boots for beginners or riders on a tight budget?

Durability and protection combined with a sporty look.

The Losail Evo is constructed with a ‘durable and technical microfiber upper construction with excellent flexibility.’ Naturally, the majority of the Losail Evo consists of a combination of leather and (abrasion-resistant) textile. This includes the Velcro closure that covers the YKK zipper, providing water sealing for the zipper itself.

The motorcycle boot is equipped with various Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) protectors, aiming to offer sufficient protection for the sporty rider. The decorative print also appeals to the sporty market. However, the Losail Evo also features a comfortable foam padding and a quality rubber sole. This makes the boot suitable for less experienced riders and daily commuters who may want a sporty look. Of course, the Bogotto Losail Evo is available in various colors.

The TPU protectors are strategically placed at the shin, ankle, and heel. This reinforces and stiffens the entire heel to minimize heel and ankle injuries in the event of a fall. The gear shift pad is also reinforced with TPU. On the outside near the toes, the Losail Evo has replaceable toe sliders, as expected with sport boots. These hard plastic sliders are designed to guide the asphalt during sharp turns without wearing out immediately, similar to knee sliders. The fact that they are replaceable is therefore very important.

However, there is a downside to the Losail Evo, namely that the toe sliders come off quite easily. Within the first 6 months, this led to one bolt where the head was broken. Meanwhile, after 2 years, both toe sliders cannot be removed due to the damaged bolts that are supposed to keep them in place. At the moment, it is unknown whether you will receive new bolts with the replaceable toe sliders, but I would prefer stronger bolts and a toe slider that stays in place better.

Use in different weather conditions: The Losail Evo on the motorcycle

Since I ride all year round, I’ve used the Losail Evo in temperatures ranging from 30+ degrees Celsius to below freezing. The membrane at the front keeps my feet cool and well-ventilated above 15 degrees Celsius. Even with thicker motorcycle socks on, not having sweaty feet is definitely an advantage. During the winter months, there’s enough insulation to prevent cold feet. However, below 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, the boot begins to lose its insulation value, and a second pair of socks or thermal socks is a must. During long highway rides, the toes may still get cold, but for daily commuting, there’s enough insulation to arrive comfortably after a 30-minute ride.

The flexible material allows your foot to move freely, making shifting gears very easy. The TPU gear shift reinforcement pad helps with this, without losing the feel of the gear shift. Operating the rear brake is also easy and precise due to this flexibility. However, this flexibility also comes with a downside, which you mainly notice when walking more with your boots on. This may not be a concern for some, but others may visit motorcycle fairs or shows. It’s a matter of comfort.

In the store, the Losail Evo was advertised as waterproof, but online, this is not mentioned. The majority of the boot is indeed waterproof, but the flexible membrane at the front is not. A few raindrops along the way are not a problem, and the boot seems to hold up well. However, if it starts raining harder or if you ride for longer periods, the membrane starts to leak water. Splashing water from riding through puddles also leads to wet socks. Not ideal for someone who rides all year round. But for motorcyclists who only ride in nice weather and occasionally commute, it’s not a problem.

Wear and comfort after one year

When discussing comfort, we must also address the downside of flexibility. Behind the heel, at ankle level, stiffness returns to the boot due to the presence of TPU protectors. While walking, the skin rubs against the harder edge at the heel, which can lead to a blister with prolonged or extensive walking.

This is not an issue in daily use, as there is no friction like this while riding a motorcycle. A short walk between two movies at the cinema also poses no problems, and even a day of training went smoothly. Several days at a motorcycle fair provided a simple solution: applying a plaster preventively, and even after three days of wandering the fairgrounds, there were no issues.

The sole of the boot holds up well with regular walking and seems to be just as effective as my old Rev’it boots. Thanks to the quality of the rubber sole, the Losail Evo provides support while riding and absorbs any vibrations from the motorcycle. The presence of foam padding and the YKK zipper with accompanying Velcro closure ensure an individual fit, as many motorcycle boots do. However, after two years, the Velcro is still firm and in good condition. In contrast, the wear of the Velcro on other motorcycle boots seemed to be much worse than on the Losail Evo.

The fit of the boot is comfortable and causes me no issues. Whether I’m on my XT660R, a supersport, a chopper/cruiser, or an adventure bike, the Losail Evo feels equally comfortable on all of them.



What sets the Bogotto Losail Evo apart is its very respectable price. These boots are often available for under €100 with discounts. The boots come in multiple color options, so there’s likely a color that works for everyone. The fact that the Losail Evo is not entirely waterproof may not be a problem, as many sporty and/or racing boots are not waterproof. Fortunately, you won’t end up with wet socks if you’re caught in a light rain; they are still water-resistant. The combination of zipper and Velcro proves to be very durable, and the foam padding provides a comfortable fit, regardless of the motorcycle.

There’s a lot of positives for a budget motorcycle boot. The only real downside is the cheaper bolts on the toe sliders; these could potentially be replaced with aftermarket bolts or something simple from the hardware store when purchasing. Also, the sturdy edge at the heel for those who occasionally walk in their motorcycle boots is a real downside.
The Losail Evo is certainly not a bad motorcycle boot for a beginner or thrifty rider. They have a certain sporty “street look” and are comparable to some of the more expensive brands.

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