IM866 INBIKE motorhandschoenen (2023)

The IM866 motor gloves from INBIKE may not sound like gloves with personality, and in a way, that’s true. INBIKE prioritizes functionality over character. It’s not a big brand motorcycle glove, but rather a glove suitable for novice riders, regular riders, or those looking to save on their gear expenses. The IM866 is an all-season glove, too thick for hot days and not quite thick enough for freezing temperatures, but it performs well in the range in between. Although I have used these gloves the entire winter, even below zero Celsius without problems. INBIKE itself has been around since 2007, initially focusing on cycling and mountain biking before expanding into the motorcycle market.

Solid protection and affordability combined: Discover the IM866 motorcycle gloves.

The IM866 motor gloves are priced at just £69.99 at the time of writing, making them affordable options. However, this also means that they may not offer top-of-the-line quality. INBIKE has crafted the IM866 gloves from high-quality goat leather with polyester and synthetic leather components. The interior of the gloves features 3M Thinsulate, which prevents sweating in warm weather and provides adequate insulation in cold conditions. It’s worth noting that during longer rides on the highway at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, you may experience some cold fingers. While the handback is well-protected with 140 g/m² of 3M Thinsulate, the fingers offer less protection. However, the little finger is equipped with an extra thick protective layer for insulation. The index finger is made of goat leather, allowing for touchscreen operation if needed. The surface of the IM866 gloves is coated with a hydrophobic layer to make them water-repellent. Additionally, the interior of the gloves is lined with a waterproof HIPORA membrane to prevent water/moisture from seeping through the seams and stitches. It all sounds like quite top-fo-the-line quality.

The IM866 motor gloves are equipped with safety protectors as expected from a reliable pair of motor gloves. The palm features a TPR pad for added protection, which remains unnoticeable during motorcycle use due to its flexibility. It’s worth mentioning that it may feel a bit awkward on very large handlebars, but this is generally not noticeable on most motorcycles. Furthermore, the palm of the thumb has a thicker layer of leather for protection. The knuckles are protected with standard pre-formed polyurethane knuckle protection with a carbon look. As expected, the finger knuckles themselves are minimally protected, although the upper knuckles have a thin layer of leather. What surprised me about the IM866 over the past few months was the wrist protection, or rather, the reinforcement and comfort around the wrist. Nearly the entire circumference of the wrist of the IM866 is double-layered, except for the Velcro closure. When fastened snugly but comfortably, the wrist is well-protected all around, which helps reduce fatigue during longer rides.

Comfortable fit and solid performance.

The IM866 motorcycle gloves features two Velcro closures for easy wearing. This adjustability ensures a comfortable fit when hand width is correctly measured. Personally, I found the pinky finger on one hand to be slightly short, but it adjusted to size after some time of riding. The TPR pad on the wrist, with its rubber flexibility, helps absorb vibrations in the palms. Along with the wrist’s sturdy construction, this ensures that longer rides with these gloves were no problem for me. The INBIKE logo is vague enough to suggest both cycling and motorcycling, but when I wear the gloves, it’s hidden under the sleeve of my motorcycle jacket.

After 4 months of use, the IM866 gloves are still in nearly new condition. The white on the fingers has discolored slightly from regular use in sun and rain, but wear and tear are minimal. The index finger on the left glove shows some wear, likely from the synthetic leather wearing out. However, the rest of the leather and synthetic leather still looks very tidy; it’s specifically this one point. As far as I’ve experienced while riding, the gloves are still waterproof, fortunately. The Velcro on both gloves holds up nicely and securely, and all seams show no signs of wear or loose threads.
Even after 18 months of use the gloves still hold very well.

The biggest drawback is that, like many cheaper motorcycle gloves, the IM866 INBIKE gloves have quite a bit of movement space between the inner and outer layers. This results in less grip and more free rotation space, as well as the negative risk that when you frequently rush to put on or take off the gloves, you pull the inner lining outward. It hasn’t happen to my set. But this makes putting on the IM866 a bit more challenging. Once you have them on, you don’t notice it anymore. This is something I’ve noticed with several all-season or winter gloves. The freedom of movement on the handlebars itself seems to be manageable, roughly 10 degrees.



The INBIKE IM866 motor gloves are clearly aimed at a specific market. Their low price yet relatively good quality makes them ideal for various types of riders, from novice riders to year-round riders who need gloves for the period when their more expensive summer gloves are too cold, but their luxury heated winter gloves are still too thick. This makes the INBIKE IM866 an affordable entry-level model. The waterproofing is good for this price, remaining waterproof after a full 4 months of use (in fact, still waterproof a year later and used throughout the entire winter). They are sturdy, comfortable, and relatively well-finished. However, being a €70 glove from a smaller brand, there are some minor points to consider. I’m curious about how long the Velcro and waterproofing will hold up, but with a second season of using the IM866 it still holds up and stays waterproof.

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