LS2 Advant X FF901 (2023)

The LS2 FF901 Advant X is my first modular helmet. And what a helmet to have as my first modular helmet. The new Advant X has been completely redesigned and meets the latest safety standards and the new ECE 22.06 norm. This new modular helmet is even lighter than, for example, the FF906, thanks to the use of fiberglass for the outer shell. It is thus one of the better modular helmets available on the market today.

I picked up the LS2 Advant X at MotorkledingStore in Capelle a/d IJssel, but it is also available at other branches, of course. When picking up the helmet, we first chose the correct size scale together with an employee. This helmet fits me a size smaller than most helmets, so trying it on first is important.
Then, at the checkout, the pinlock was installed as a service, and the visor was cleaned. Ready to hop on the motorcycle and ride home with it.

GoMoto Mount

Innovative Helmet Experience for Both City and Highway

The FF901 Advant X is LS2’s latest and most complete helmet among their modular helmets. Featuring a modular design with a 180-degree flip-up chin bar. The helmet comes with full P/J certification (which means you can ride with the chin bar open as it’s approved as a jet helmet), allowing you to ride safely with the chin bar up or down. However, for optimal safety, it is recommended to keep it down whenever possible. The LS2 Advant X is made of high-quality fiberglass composite, a carefully layered blend of unique fiberglass fabric and organic resin. This results in a strong, ultralight, yet tough shell that absorbs impact and disperses energy for enhanced safety. The Advant X is P/J Certified ECE 22.06 approved.

Thus, the Advant X is ideal for city riding or at slower speeds, allowing for full ventilation with the chin bar up. However, sporty riding with the Advant X is also a pleasant experience. The flip-up chin bar can rotate 180 degrees backward so that, when riding at higher speeds on the highway, you experience minimal wind resistance. With the chin bar closed, the helmet is relatively quiet, especially with the ventilation vents closed as well. In terms of wind noise, the Advant X is quite similar to my Nishua Enduro Carbon.

As with most helmets, the inner lining is fully removable and washable. Purchasing an extra set or throwing your current set in the washing machine is possible. Riding with a clean helmet at all times, or lending it to someone else, can be done safely and hygienically. Like more expensive helmets, the Advant X is equipped with provisions for installing a Bluetooth communication system through additional speaker cutouts. With the Advant X, the control for the internal sun visor is located on the left side, which may make it slightly challenging to install the Bluetooth communication system. Attaching it with a clamp clip is only possible on the right side. This was a bit of an adjustment in practice since all my previous helmets had the Bluetooth communication system on the left side. Thankfully, attaching it with an adhesive sticker is still possible on the left side, depending on personal preference.

Additionally, the Advant X is suitable for bespectacled due to small cutouts. A nice addition to any helmet. Personally, I have difficulty putting on the Advant X with my glasses on. The widening of the inner lining on the sides to make the helmet more aerodynamic is just slightly too limiting for me. The helmet size and head shape play a role here, and it might not be a problem for other users. However, this thick neck collar and the addition of a chin guard at the front do help reduce wind noise. The long-oval, almost round, fit is suitable for most people. As a bonus, the Advant X features a Self-Up system that automatically raises the visor when the flip-up chin bar is rotated. Simply lower the sun visor afterward, and you’ll ride with a smile.

When riding in the rain, it’s noticeable that the drops on the helmet give the sensation of riding with a carbon helmet, not noisy but noticeable. At the smallest setting of the visor, it seems that no water enters the helmet through the visor, which is very convenient. The large ventilation on the chin bar may allow moisture to enter, but I have ridden with this ventilation closed during bad weather. What stood out was how easily the drops slide off the tinted visor, which is very helpful for visibility while riding.

Another thing that stands out during use is the micrometric metal buckle. The simple design improves ergonomics and usability on the go. Closing it is super easy, although it’s possible to slide the buckle into a “false” space. The metal buckle is a bit short, so choosing the correct outer shell size is important. The simple release system is held in place by a magnetic attachment, so nothing will get loose. Both fastening and unfastening the closure can be done with one hand. This makes it the most user-friendly attachment of all my helmets to date.


Ventilation, Comfort and Safety: An In-Depth Look

When designing the Advant X, LS2 seems to have considered more than just looks. It’s a modular helmet that can be used by anyone, but with enough accents to stand out from the rest. Part of these accents comes from the shaped ventilation. The Advant X offers ample ventilation that contributes to efficient airflow. However, there are also many honeycomb design areas that are not actual vents. Above the visor, there’s a small ventilation strip, but most airflow comes from the chin vent inlet. This can be easily opened or closed with the slider located at the front of the chin bar. This affected the placement of my GoPro a bit, but it was easily solved with a special GoMoto mount (see photo). Even with the mount, the slider on the chin bar can still be operated, although I usually ride with this vent closed. There are also two ventilation points at the back of the helmet for air circulation, hidden in honeycomb design. These can also be opened or closed with a less noticeable slider.

Most ventilation naturally comes when the chin bar is lifted. With the chin bar closed, riding with an open visor is also an option, using the built-in sun visor. It fits nicely just above the nose and is dark enough even on sunny, cloudless days. The main visor can be closed or opened in multiple positions, with a gap of about a centimeter possible. Or the anti-fog setting of practically a millimeter, allowing for fresh airflow with minimal wind disturbance. Ideal for use when you don’t have a Pinlock. In my case, the pinlock is on the clear visor, which works great with the dark sun visor. There’s no pinlock on the dark visor, so I usually ride with the visor in this minimal position. It works just as well, so it’s not necessary to switch the pinlock every few rides. Purchasing a second pinlock is, of course, also possible. Changing the visor is extremely easy, thanks to the quick-release system that ensures fast and easy visor changes. This is a huge plus and prevents unnecessary hassle with screws or loose parts. LS2 visors are built with a polymer with high shock resistance, preventing distortion and offering maximum clarity. The standard visor of the Advant X is UV-protected and equipped with a scratch-resistant coating for good visibility and durability. Removing dead insects on the go with your glove won’t immediately scratch your visor, which is nice. Compatibility with Pinlock is always a bonus, providing improved anti-fogging and visibility in Dutch weather conditions.

LS2 seems to have not only considered the safety of their Advant series but also the comfort. The Advant X features an EPS liner with multiple densities, ensuring quality shock absorption. Furthermore, the helmet’s padding offers a precise and comfortable fit. However, I must add two “buts” here.
Fit is always dependent on head size, and during the first longer ride, I noticed a few pressure points. Meanwhile, these have settled on my head, and I can easily be on the road for a whole day without any irritation or discomfort. So, be sure to try on the helmet in-store before ordering online. Additionally, during the installation of the Bluetooth communication system, I noticed a piece of protection at the back of the helmet that was loose in mine. Upon inquiry, this is likely a production defect, and when the inner lining is in place, further movement is not possible. This does not affect the integrity of the helmet any further. What’s great is that the padding is hypoallergenic treated. It’s also fully removable and washable, making maintenance easy and ensuring a long lifespan.

The helmet is available in 7 sizes and 2 shell sizes (XS-L / XL-3XL). Having only 2 shell sizes is not the best number a helmet can have. A helmet with more shell sizes is not only much safer but also visually more appealing. Like many new and more expensive helmets, the Advant X also features an emergency removal mechanism, ensuring that medical personnel can safely and quickly remove the helmet in case of an emergency. So, safety all around, which is crucial for a helmet. The Advant X is also available in various color schemes and in a newer Carbon edition, with an ECE R22.06 approval, representing the most recent safety standard.

GoMoto Mount

Functionality of the Advant

  • High-quality fiberglass composite (HPFC)
  • 2 shell sizes: XS-LG / XL-3XL
  • Medium oval fit
  • Quick-release visor mechanism
  • Pinlock ready visor
  • “A Class” polycarbonate visor is scratch and UV resistant
  • Built-in sun visor
  • 180-degree modular system for easy on and off
  • Removable, washable liner
  • 3D laser-cut cheek pads for extra comfort
  • State-of-the-art EPS with multiple densities
  • Emergency release Cheek Pad system
  • DOT approved micrometric chin strap with quick release for secure closure
  • ECE “P” and “J” certified as both open-face and full-face helmet
  • Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.06 standards

Comes in a nice box and includes:

  • LS2 FF901 Advant helmet.
  • Max Vision Pinlock 100 Lens.
  • Reflective stickers. (mandatory in some EU countries)
  • LS2 helmet bag
  • Backpack for easy helmet transportation

The backpack is a very nice surprise. You can pick up your new helmet with the motorcycle and transport everything home with the backpack. Leaving the box in the store is usually not a problem. This shows that LS2 has thought about their target audience.

Location in the market.

LS2 helmets fall into the mid-range category of helmets. At the time of writing, the Advant X is priced at €399.99 at motorkledingstore. On FcMoto the price for the Advant X is cheaper, with £293,42. On Amazon, prices range from £311 to £379.99, depending on color and seller. The Carbon version naturally costs a bit more. The downside of Amazon is that trying on helmets in-store is not possible.

Cheaper options could be the HJC C80 (£229.99) or the Scorpion ADX-1 (£299.99), but Caberg also offers some cheaper modular helmets. Price differences are due to variations in quality, the presence of a built-in sun visor, and brand differences.
In the same price range, another well-known modular helmets are the Roof Boxers. But Schuberth, Scorpion, and Shark modular helmets are also available. The higher price range is mainly dominated by Shoei, AGV, and Schuberth.

With the Advant X, LS2 falls into the lower end of the mid-range category of helmets, despite offering a full package with the Advant X. The Advant X Carbon is a few tens of euros more expensive, placing it on the higher end of the mid-range. Compared to other carbon models from different brands, the price difference with the Advant X seems slightly smaller, indicating that they have considered their target audience.


The LS2 Advant X helmet is my first experience with a modular helmet. And it’s also a very positive experience right from the start. The ease of use for me as a glasses wearer was slightly disappointing, but it’s possible that with further use, the cheek pads will become more flexible, making it possible to put on the helmet without removing my glasses. Both the tinted visor and the built-in sun visor work very well, and the combination is still clear enough for safe riding. However, the quick-release system also allows for easy visor changes on the go, without the need for tools or extra parts.

The Advant X, weighing 1550 grams, is not a heavy helmet, and I’m also positive about the weight distribution during daily use. You can feel a difference in weight with the flip-up chin bar at the back, which is logical, of course. When the GoPro mount and GoPro are attached to the chin bar, this difference becomes uncomfortable. However, most people ride around without this extra weight.

In short, the LS2 Advant X is comfortable, relatively quiet in terms of wind noise, and easy to use. The micrometric chin strap with quick release is very easy to use and can be operated with one hand even with gloves on. Meanwhile, the Advant X has also become the most used helmet for most motorcycle rides. Even in the cold Dutch winter it is still my go to helmet for now.

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